Requires Mac OS X 10.5.8 or greater.
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Q: What is the difference between the demo and the pay version?
A: The free demo is functionally identical to the purchased version of RPG Table in every way, with the exception that the free demo will cease functioning after 15 days unless a valid registration key is entered. When you buy RPG Table, what you are in fact buying is a registration key which allows you to remove the trial period restriction. We believe strongly in the shareware concept and want people to be able to fully evaluate RPG Table so that they can make an informed purchase.

Q: How do I access the shelf to get to my miniatures?
A: In order to bring up the miniatures shelf, you can click the plus button in the bottom left of the map. Alternatively you can select "Show Miniatures Shelf" from the "Shelf" menu. Once there you can drag any miniatures you have created over to the map to place them.

Q: How do I create a new miniature?
A: New miniatures are easy to create! If you have the shelf open you can click the "Create Mini" button to bring up the miniature creation sheet. Alternatively, you may select "New Miniature" from the "Shelf" menu. Once the sheet drops you may drag any image from the finder into the gridded area labeled "Drag Miniature Image Here". There are also options to set the name, image scale, miniature size, keywords, and notes.

Q: How do I edit a miniature in the shelf once it is created?
A: To edit a miniature in the shelf you select it by clicking on it and then click on the "Edit…" button. Alternatively you can double click the mini you wish to edit. This will bring up the edit sheet which will allow you to manipulate any of the mini's features. You are then able to save your changes or save them to an entirely new miniature if you wish.

Q: What do each of the tools in the toolbar do?
A: Each of the tools are selectable in the "Tools" menu. The "Grab Tool" allows you to drag around the map as well as move miniatures around the map. The "Scenery Edit Tool" allows you to select scenery, move scenery, and grab handles on scenery to resize rooms and the like. The "Rectangle Tool" allows you to draw (you guessed it) rectangles, while the "Oval Tool" lets you draw ovals. The "Polygon Tool" lets you draw arbitrarily shaped rooms which is useful for designing more sophisticated scenery.

Q: Can I copy more than one room at a time?
A: Yes. You can shift-click using the "Scenery Edit Tool" in order to select more than one room. If you select one by accident, you can toggle it back off by command-clicking on it. You can then copy paste the selected rooms. Alternatively you may hold down the option key and drag the selected scenery in order to copy them and place them in one step.

Q: Any other cool tips?
A: Did you know you can hold down the option key and then use the scroll wheel in order to scale the map? Or if you have a track pad that supports gestures you can use the pinch gesture to achieve the same result.

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